Thursday, July 30, 2009

HWg-STE: IP thermometer

HWg-STESTE is an Ethernet thermometer (hygrometer) with SNMP and WEB interfaces. Alerts by e-mail to temperatures outside of a safe range. Supplied with a power adapter and one temperature sensor, another temperature/humidity sensor can be connected.

  • E-mail alert to overheating or temperature dropping
  • Supplied with an AC adapter and one temperature sensor
  • Simple installation, supports DHCP
Ethernet thermometer and hygrometer for monitoring, snmp and e-mail
  • Air conditioning failure
    Changes in temperature point to a failure of an A/C unit.
  • Heating system monitoring
    Remote monitoring of a heating system, alert by e-mail or SMS (Email-2-SMS) to a danger of freezing.
  • Cooler/freezer monitoring
    Sends an e-mail if the cooler malfunctions. Logs operating and storage conditions.
  • Heating optimization
    Saves heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Food storage
    Oversees optimal storage conditions. With application software, HACCP reports can be created.
  • Remote rack monitoring
    Temperature / humidity monitoring inside and outside of a rack, SNMP monitoring.

Optional accessories:
  • Humidity sensor

  • Temperature and humidity sensor for installation in a 19" rack

  • Waterproof, stainless-steel temperature sensor, -30°C to +125°C (-22°F to +257°F)



  1. What a handy product. I have lost a couple computers to overheating, this would be a great investment for me. Plus, it's great that it comes with a humidity monitoring feature!

  2. I agree with you jennifer. I've had a laptop once but it turns out unresponsive because of the rise in temperature and it overheat. This product will be very helpful. can anyone give me this as for my wedding favors

  3. I found the Nagios driver from the Netways. Search for "HW group Plugins for Hwg-STE - Damocles - Poseidon" with Google..